crashfu said: Ahaha oh god that movie scarred everyone I think. ‘Freakshow Barbie Scene’, anyone?

yeah that was the scene i popped in on. 

if the toys just came alive it would have been fine but no. 

reply crashfu

small soldiers is on. this movie scarred me as a child. did anyone ever enjoy this movie.


I keep trying to make close friends IRL but its hard keeping up with people. I either drift away to easily or get too clingy then feel like I’m to clingy and stop talking to them all together.


i sure do like listening to a lot of podcast making fun of the depths of internet hell.


crashfu said: Writing for videogames? As in like, the story and whatnot? That sounds interesting. :o

the book is called game writing handbook. its mostly what to consider when writing a script and story within game restrictions. like dialog and why is this character doing this and making sure the player understands whats going on.

There are tables with books around my college for reading. One table said free books so I took two. All the books left are like old teaching textbooks. One was about writing for videogames.

who's leaving these mine now